Welcome to my kitchen! I started my cooking journey back in 2015 as a pre-med student battling anxiety. Because I lived in snowy West Michigan, I loved starting winter projects when the snow is up to our knees and began trying new recipes I found on Martha Stewart’s site and the Food Network. After entering and winning Detroit’s Best Home Cook competition, I decided to create a blog called Millennial Meets Stove to showcase my journey from takeout queen to home cook. In 2020, I rebranded into Homegirl Kitchen and quit my job as a paramedic and pre-grad school student and become a line cook working under a Michelin chef. in 2021, I launched Homegirl Kitchen to introduce new and longtime foodies to new food experiences through my recipes, pop-ups, and cooking classes. I make the best brown butter chocolate chunk cookie in Michigan, you can find out how to purchase them at homegirlkitchen.com.

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